A Little Sun Goes a Long Way. Let's see What's Possible at your Property.
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Homeowners can choose from a variety of plans – all with $0 down.

See Why Solar Delivers

Zero Emissions

Solar energy is clean and efficient. It does not release any harmful greenhouse gases helping to sustain our environment for generations to come.


It can save you thousands of dollars.


Start harnessing your power from the most abundant energy source there is, THE SUN!


No Cost to the homeowner. We do all of the work for you.

Clean, Renewable Energy at a Fraction of the Cost.

Solar energy, the power of the future, is available to you today. It’s clean, renewable, sustainable and cost effective. Solar panels do absolutely no harm to the environment, emitting zero greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the only resource needed to generate solar power is the sun. Best of all, it will save you money.

Affinity Solar Provides Clarity to Homeowners

Say Goodbye to Expensive, Rapidly Depleting Fossil Fuels.

The unlimited power of the sun provides homeowners with the ability to power their home without damaging the environment. Fossil fuel costs will continue to increase as supplies diminish. Now is the time to switch your reliance to the sun.

Affinity Solar Provides Clarity to Homeowners

Solar Enhances Home Value

Homes equipped with solar panels see an immediate return on investment. Home buyers will pay a premium for a solar equipped home.

Discover the benefits that Affinity Solar can bring to your home.

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Everyone was great and courteous. They answered all our questions and helped us navigate through the entire process. It's a great product. All of the workers were very professional and on time. Cleaned up after themselves and the roof and the solar panels look spectacular.

Frank Delgatto

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Out of all the solar companies we have reviewed prior to going solar, Affinity Solar was the only company who did not try to hide or downplay Information on how their system worked to save you money. They were there from day one, working very hard to make solar a reality for us. They were prompt to answer any questions we had, and made the transition smooth as glass. Affinity handled all the details of the install, quickly and efficiently. We would recommend this company highly. They are the most professional company we have ever worked with.

Russell Kosh

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Excellent after sale services. Very personal, yet work with clients' convenience. I have already recommended to my friends.

Seema Khan

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